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It is unbelievable that we can produce satellites capable of reading a newspaper from space or cell phones that can provide the best route through current traffic based on a voice command, but we are still unable to know whether a loved one has a major cancer growing inches under their skin. This is primarily due to the primitive trial-and-error methods that continue to be used within the biological sciences despite nearly all other disciplines moving to more advanced engineering strategies.

Viomics has pioneered the field of molecular diagnostic engineering™, which allows sophisticated diagnostic tests to be designed from the ground up much like other modern product such as cell phones, cars and even sophisticated spy satellites. While others still attempt to design diagnostics by trial-and-error, Viomics has developed a wide variety of strategies, including the powerful knowledge ensembles™ algorithm, which allows us to rapidly develop and tune purpose-driven diagnostics. Our LungVantage diagnostic is a success story of this approach: by examining less than a dozen markers, we were able to create the most accurate diagnostic reported, despite others who have given up after screening more than 40,000 markers.

In addition to LungVantage, we are refining a broader cancer sensitivity screen as well as tests for breast, liver, pancreatic and colon cancer in addition to our Active Targeting™ portfolio of products screening RNA in plasma to better optimize cancer patient care.


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